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FHA FAQ – 50 Frequently Asked Questions

FHA FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


We will be answering a lot of the frequently asked questions throughout this website which is quickly becoming a hub for everything related to FHA loans. Below is our FHA FAQ and is essentially a compilation of the most common FHA questions that people have. In some instances, we have a full article that addresses these questions in depth.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered, please ask them in the comments below and we will reply. Our first question will be the most basic one that is often asked:

What is the FHA?

The “FHA” stands for the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA is a government agency that that insures private loans issued for residential primary residence homes.

Questions About Qualifying for an FHA Loan FHA FAQ

How do I qualify for an FHA loan?
To qualify for an FHA loan, you must be able to document your income, have a minimum down payment of 3.5%, no recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, a two year work history, and a minimum of a 500 credit score.

Is FHA just for low-income borrowers?
FHA loans are for anyone who wishes to take advantage of the benefits of an FHA loan and who can qualify. There are no income restrictions although there are loan amount limits.

How much can I qualify for and afford?
FHA lenders will qualify you based upon your debt to income ratio. The more you earn, the more you can qualify for and afford. The best way to determine how much you can qualify for is to speak with one of our FHA lenders.

What is a good credit score for borrowers?
A credit score of 680 or higher is considered to be good.  However, there are FHA lenders who will allow for credit scores as low as 500. Read our article about the FHA credit requirements.

Are FHA loans just for first-time home buyers?
FHA loans are for anyone who can qualify for the program and they are not just for first time home buyers. However, the majority of the individuals who do apply for an FHA loan happen to also be first time home buyers.

Can I Qualify for an FHA loan with a High DTI?
The typical debt to income ratio ceiling is 43% for an FHA loan. However, we work with lenders who may permit DTI ratios to go as high as 50%.

Can I get an FHA loan with student loan debt?
You can still qualify for an FHA loan even if you have student debt. The lenders are required to handle that debt differently on your loan application. We recommend that you speak with one of our FHA lenders to discuss your scenario and see how much you can qualify for.

Can I qualify for an FHA loan if I have a bankruptcy?
You may still qualify for an FHA loan even with a bankruptcy in your history. However, the FHA guidelines require that you wait at least two years and have proven to get back on your feet financially while rebuilding your credit. Read our article on the FHA bankruptcy waiting period for more information on the topic.

Can I qualify for an FHA loan if I have a foreclosure?
You may still qualify even with a past foreclosure. However, the waiting period after a foreclosure will be at least 3 years.

Do collections need to be paid off before getting an FHA loan?
Collections do not have to be completely paid off. Plus, medical collections are handled differently. Read our article on qualifying for an FHA loan with medical collections.

Questions About Applying for an FHA Loan

What information will I need to gather?
FHA lenders will ask you to gather these documents at a minimum (bank statements, pay stubs, W2s, tax returns, contract for sale for purchases, deeds and current mortgage statement for refinances, and a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy binder). There will be additional documentation that may be required by your lender as per the FHA guidelines.

If I’m pre-qualified will I be approved?
A pre-qualification is an initial indication if your approval based upon the limited information that you provided the lender up front. Once you provide all of the necessary documentation and your lender has a chance to run your loan scenario through underwriting, then you can get an approval.

How long do FHA loans take to close?
The average FHA loan takes about 30 days to close. However, purchases are typically longer than refinances. There are third parties such as appraisers, title companies and attorneys which can at times delay the process. It is possible to get your FHA loan closed in as little as 3 weeks.

Can I apply for an FHA loan without my spouse?
You may apply for an FHA loan without your spouse. However, the lender still may want to see your spouse’s credit report. For refinances, local laws will also require that your spouse sign a document acknowledging that you are taking out a mortgage against your mutual primary residence.

Can I apply for an FHA loan online?
Most of the FHA loan applications happen online today and in most instances, the borrowers do not meet the loan officers face to face. The world of technology affords you access to lenders all around the US which is a benefit to you. Some of the best FHA lenders do not have a brick and mortar office in your neighborhood.

Can I qualify for an FHA loan while on disability?
The FHA guidelines do have a provision to allow you to qualify while earning disability income. Read our article on applying for an FHA loan with disability income.

Can I qualify for an FHA loan if I am self employed?
Self employed individuals can absolutely qualify for an FHA loan. However, they will need to qualify using the net income on their tax returns. Most self employed borrowers show a low net income due to all of the tax write offs which makes it difficult for them to qualify for an FHA loan.

Can I apply for an FHA loan without a two year work history?
There are a few exceptions where you do not need a full two year work history. One is if you were in school full time and the other is if you were in the military. For both scenarios, you would need to provide documentation.

Questions About the Down Payment and Closing Costs

What Down Payment is Needed for an FHA Loan?
The minimum down payment needed for an FHA loan is 3.5%. If your credit score is below 580, then you will nee 10% down.

Can my down payment be gifted?
Your down payment can absolutely be gifted. In fact, the gift can be large enough to also cover your closing costs and reserves. Read our article on FHA gift funds guidelines.

Can the seller gift the down payment?
The only way you can get a gift of equity from the seller is if that seller is a relative.

Can the seller pay my closing costs?
The FHA guidelines permit to contribute up to 6% of the sale price towards the buyer’s closing costs. This is often managed during the negotiation process and is a great option for home buyers who are limited on cash.

Can the FHA closing costs be included in the loan?
There is a way to have your closing costs financed into your FHA loan. Our article on rolling closing costs into an FHA loan will describe this completely.

What kinds of FHA grants are available?
There are many grants available to home buyers who wish to finance their purchase with an FHA insured loan. The agencies offering the grants will differ for each state. Read our article on FHA down payment assistance and grants.

What is FHA mortgage insurance?
FHA mortgage insurance is there to protect lenders in case of a default on the FHA loan. Lenders are taking on more risk when they allow you to put down just 3.5%. As a result, you will have to pay for the FHA mortgage insurance. That can be fully explained in our article about FHA mortgage insurance.

How can I cancel the FHA mortgage insurance?
The FHA guidelines used to permit borrowers to cancel the FHA mortgage insurance once they paid the balance of the loan down to 80% of the value. However, there were recent changes to the guidelines that made FHA mortgage insurance remain in place for the life of the loan.

What are the FHA closing costs?
FHA closing costs can be thousands of dollars and generally 2%-5% of the loan amount. Read our article on FHA closing costs to get an estimate on what it may cost you.

Are there any fees on FHA mortgages?
There are quite a few fees that are standard and customary for any mortgage, not just with FHA loans. Some of the fees are generated by third parties, the lenders, and even by the FHA.

General Questions About FHA Loans

What are the FHA rules on flipping homes?
Home buyers are not permitted to buy and flip homes quickly. If a home is bought and then sold quickly, the new buyer may not have the ability to purchase that home with an FHA insured loan. Read our article on the FHA flipping rule.

Is a home inspection required?
HUD requires the home to be appraised before they will finance the home. They want to make sure the home is worth what you are paying. They also want to be sure that the home meets their minimum standards for a habitable home. Read our article on buying FHA approved homes to find out what the minimum standards are for a home.

What if the appraisal is below sale price?
If the appraisal is below the selling price, you can still purchase the home but you will have to cover the difference with additional down payment money. The lender can only finance 96.5% of the appraised value or the selling price (whichever is lower).

Can an FHA loan be refinanced?
FHA loans can absolutely be refinanced and they even offer a faster less expensive version called an FHA streamline refinance which does not require and appraisal.

Can You Cash Out Equity When Refinancing an FHA Loan?
You can refinance your FHA loan and also cash out additional funds. Effective September of 2019, the most you can cash out is 80% of the home value.

Which banks and lenders offer FHA loans?
Most banks and lenders offer FHA loans because they are popular, they are profitable and their risk is covered by the mortgage insurance. However, not all banks offer all of the FHA programs and features. We can help you to find the right lender for your personal needs.

Does FHA offer adjustable-rate loans?
FHA loans are available in adjustable or fixed rate loans. However most borrowers opt for the fixed rate versions.

How are FHA rates determined?
FHA rates are largely determined by a combination of your credit score, loan amount, and property type.  Most lenders have FHA rates that are very similar.

How do I get the lowest FHA rate?
The best way to get the lowest FHA rate is to have a credit score over 720. Then, you can ask the lender what it would cost to buy down your rate. The longer you plan to live in the home, the more sense it may make to buy your rate down.

Can FHA loans be used to rehabilitate a home?
There is a special mortgage called the FHA 203k loan which is specifically designed to help buyers purchase the home and borrow the funds needed to make FHA approved repairs and improvements.

Do FHA loan limits change?
The FHA loan limits are set by county and the limits change virtually every year. When the limits change, the typically increase due to the rising real estate prices nationally.

What is the FHA Connection?
The FHA Connection is a system that connects authorized lenders and FHA business partners to view and access the files together to help process your loan.

How do I get an energy efficient mortgage?
The FHA’s Energy Efficient Mortgage is a great way to purchase a home and borrow the funds needed to make energy saving improvements in the home. Read our article on the FHA energy efficient mortgage.

FHA loans for manufactured homes?
You can get an FHA insured loan for either double or triple wide mobile homes, or factory built prefabricated houses. Read our article on the FHA manufactured and mobile home guidelines.

I have already received one FHA home loan. Can I get another one?
You can absolutely finance your next home with an FHA loan. However, they will not permit you to use FHA insured financing to purchase a vacation home or a rental property. There are some ways to get an FHA on two homes at the same time and that is explained in our article about buying a second home with an FHA loan.

Can an FHA loan be assumed?
FHA loans can be assumed but there are quite a few stipulations and requirements. We outlined it all for you in our article about assuming an FHA loan.

Can an FHA loan be used to buy land?
You cannot get an FHA loan solely to purchase land. However, you can buy a lot and also purchase the construction of a home all in one FHA loan.

Can an FHA loan have a co-signer?
FHA loans can have a co-signer and that individual may also have another FHA loan on his or her own primary residence.

Can an FHA loan be used for new construction?
FHA loans can be used for new construction. The program is called the FHA one time close mortgage.

Can I buy a fixer-upper with an FHA loan?
Homes purchased with a traditional FHA loan must meet minimum standards. As a result, some fixer-uppers may not qualify. However, you can buy a home that is in need of repair with the FHA 203k loan. Then, you can borrow the funds needed to make the FHA approved repairs and will have a set amount of time to complete the rehab.

What are the FHA interest rates?
The interest rates on FHA loans are extremely low and typically lower than conventional loans. Your financial situation and credit score will have a huge impact on the rate offered to you. One of the lenders in our FHA network can help provide you with a rate quote.

Are all FHA lenders the same?
All lenders are not the same because they all impose their own restrictions and limits. Some lenders will work with borrowers with credit scores as low as 500 as allowed by the FHA guidelines. However, other lenders prefer not to go below a score of 620 for example.

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