FHA Mortgage Calculator

FHA mortgage calculator

Using this FHA mortgage calculator will allow you to see what your potential payment will be. This includes your principal and interest, plus your insurance and FHA mortgage insurance.

The information you see in the calculator is just an example and you will need to change the data.

Simply change the numbers in the fields below to represent your personal scenario. If you do not know what the estimated taxes or insurance will be, then check with your real estate agent for an estimate in your area.

The interest rate should also be an estimate based upon the average FHA rate being offered. We recommend that you use a rate that is slightly higher in the calculator so you can get a conservative estimate on what your payment could be. If you were already provided with a rate quote, then use the rate that was quoted. Otherwise, use 7% for now.

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FHA Calculator
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If you are wondering whether you can get approved for the payment above, you may want to use our FHA home affordability calculator.

FHA Calculator

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